Silly Adults, Spanking Is For Kids

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Silly Adults, Spanking Is For Kids Discipline is important for children, especially in the beginning. Parents have to realize that they will need to discipline their children for many years. A spanking needs to be part of that discipline in the younger years. Adults must realize that as long as the child is spanked in the proper way, it is not child abuse. It is only discipline. There has been plenty of debate on spanking. On one side of the issue are (of course) the adults who find no reason why they should not be able to discipline, not abuse, their children with a swat on the butt. Opposing arguments believe that children, at any age, should never be subdued to corporal punishment. A gray area with corporal punishment, however, is where the line to abuse is seen and drawn. Every adult, child, and teen defines spanking differently. Obviously here some believe spanking is a form of abuse, while others merely see it is a good form of discipline. A teen who has the ability to know right and wrong being struck on the bottom may view it as wrong because they could have just been scolded, explained consequences. It is hard for a toddler to see right and wrong when they are just learning and everything is new to them. An adult may not be able to explain the situation for a toddler to understand completely. A swat on the butt sends a clear message, “that was bad.” Spanking can easily reach a point of abuse. This is where the gray area becomes key in oppenents arguments. When an adult uses spanking as a way to react, rather than act, it becomes fuzzy as to when you should or should not spank a child. Opponents of spanking state that spanking is done out of anger and that the kids never learn a lesson from spanking done this way. It would clearly show them this happens when mommy or daddy is mad. This may be true in some cases but not all. Majority of adults know this,

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