Corporal Punishment- Argumentative Essay.

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ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY: Physical punishment “works” in the sense that it may stop a child from misbehaving but adults who frequently spank and hit are also teaching their children that violence is a good method of accomplishing a goal. Non-violent methods are a more effective way of training children. “FAVOUR” We have all encountered this classic scene: A five year-old child is standing in the middle of a department store throwing a complete temper tantrum demanding a toy. His mother, exasperated threatens him with time-outs and other deprived privileges, but the stubborn child continues to kick and scream. In the "old days," a mother wouldn't think twice about marching the defiant child to the bathroom and giving him a good spanking to straighten him out, but these days, parents have to worry about someone screaming child abuse. Whether or not to spank a child has become a heated issue in today's society. I personally think that the act of hitting or spanking a child does more harm than good and non-violent methods are more efficient in making the child understand the magnitude of his punishment and be repentant on his or her misconduct or misbehavior. This act of spanking, humiliating and hitting deliberately for infliction of pain, intended to discipline or reform a wrongdoer or change a person's behavior is called “CORPORAL PUNISHMENT”. Many countries have setup legislations and laws making Corporal Punishments illegal at school and home or in most cases, schools only. Many authorities and psychologists believe that spanking breaks a child's spirit and only leads to violence. They think that it causes the child to become depressed, angry or hostile and they have conducted many studies to prove these things. This type of harsh punishment occurs often, but it imprints the memory of child with confusing,

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