Why Is It Wrong To Spank Their Children

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Just my opinion, but I think it's getting worse. It's considered wrong to even spank your children these days. When we misbehaved as children, our rear ends were red. Now, you have to worry that CPS is going to come knocking on your door. As a result, I think children are getting by with more and more. I've seen so many forums where parents are talking about their teens cursing them out and other ridiculous things. I would've needed dentures, because momma would have knocked my teeth out. And, I wouldn't have blamed her. It's ridiculous how parents these days act like they can't control their kids. I refuse to allow myself to become that parent. This is a great question, one that I need to answer with a resounding yes! Child behavior is…show more content…
More and more parents are letting go of their stern parenting not even giving their kids a small "spank" on the bottom which is NOT child abuse. They are afraid to do that these days because of these psycho moms and dads who call the DCFS and the police if they see or hear of you spanking your child. Children test their boundaries. Back in the day our parents used to REALLY SPANK us if we did something wrong and I bet we never did that thing again. These days the kids get time outs and the parents try talking to them as if they were mini adults and can understand and grasp exactly the point you are trying to get across to them. They can't! They say they do to get you to shut up, but they didn't understand a word you just said. Obviously the time outs and talking do not work because our kids just keep doing the same thing they got in trouble for over and over again and we keep asking ourselves why? Does he have ADD or ADHD? Does he need medication? Should I take him to a doctor? No!!!! You need to discipline your child accordingly! Make them respect you first and foremost. Respect other people and their places and things and then everything will fall into place if you keep it

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