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WHEN IS IT THE RIGHT TIME TO DISCIPLINE? Stephanie Garrison PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology Instructor: Lenai Carraway April 21, 2014 When we become parents we play a huge role in how the children behave, how they speak, and how they represent themselves. As parents we are the ones who decide the consequence(s) when our children are misbehaving. When parents discipline their child age is a big factor in this, there are different consequences for different age children. Four out of 5 parents spank their child.( In some people’s eyes corporal punishment is abuse but some see it as a positive form of punishment. Let’s take a look into the pros and cons of corporal punishment and you can then determine if it is necessary to…show more content…
According to our text corporal punishment is the gratuitous intentional inflectional of pain on children’s bodies for the purpose of modifying behavior. When a child is being discipline it does not always have to be physical. Sometimes all it takes is for you to say their name, or speak firm to them. Some children have a history of being spanked for no reason so when they get out of the situation and get into a better one all it takes is for them to hear you raise your voice and they know. I also believe that taking things away from them is a great way of showing them that they must do what they are told. It works better then spanking them half of the time. They do not want their favorite toy or game console taken away because they would be lost without it. Would you want to be hit for everything you did wrong? Of course not, sit down with your child and come up with a game plan for when they misbehave what will happen, make it known so when it is time to take action they will not be surprised. It shows them responsibility and you may see a difference in their…show more content…
Some people see corporal punishment as abusing, they wonder how anyone could do that to a child. They have better methods of dealing with their children when they misbehave. You can take away toys, game consoles, cell phone, their favorite activity, outside time, the list can go on as every child is different. Some think children that are spanked as a kid grows up to be violence adult. It has been said that all the violence in the world would slow down if we showed our children love and attention. So does that mean give them everything they want and never punish them? What about special needs children is it appropriate to us corporal punishment on them? So many people say do not use spanking as a form of punishment children with special needs children. Some kids with special needs do not feel pain so to spank them would be pointless. When the child does not respond to the pain from the spanking the adult may get frustrated and the spanking may turn into anger and it can turn bad fast. Some children do things but can’t help it. No matter how many times you spank them you can’t stop them from doing it as they do not know they are doing because it is part of the

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