Effects of Bulling on Children in Schools

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Effects of Bullying on Children Joanna Solis American InterContinental University ENG106 Professor Bennett May 14, 2012 Abstract Bullying causes so many devastating effects in people’s lives, especially children because many times they do not know what exactly is happening around them, much less the consequences words or sometimes even a push or a shove can have. Bullies need to understand that there are consequences for them too, in the long run, they could be faced with the same faith as the ones they themselves bullied. Whether it’s banter or just playing around, there’s a fine line between teasing and bullying. Effects of Bullying on Children Bullying has always been a part of American culture and it is seen in almost every school across the country. There are even some people that view it as a “normal” situation in which, in their opinion, everyone has to deal with at some point in time. The matter of fact is that no child should ever have to deal with bullying. It’s hard to understand why another child who is supposed to equally innocent as the other child he bullies, does what he or she does, especially at this day and age where we live in. Bulling not only ruins lives, but it ends them as well. Everyone at some point in time gets teased, teases, or sees someone get teased, and possibly thinks that it is no big deal, it’s just banter, but when banter and teasing crosses that fine line between bullying, there’s a big problem. The victims are usually very quiet and have poor social skills, therefore making it hard for someone to notice that they are being bullied. Kids who are bullied, are often physically smaller than the bully, and therefore have very low self-esteem. It’s easy prey for the bullies, since they know they won’t put up much of a fight and they know they are scared of retaliation. Before taking a look at the effects of

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