Victims From Birth Summary

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After reading the article “Victims from birth” by Wendy McElroy, you can not help but wonder if both Sharon Duchesneau and Candace McCullough did the right thing by voluntarily increasing their chances to have a deaf son. Duchesneau and McCullough are a lesbian couple, who both happen to be deaf, and after having one deaf daughter, Jehanne, this situation is understandable the fact that Gauvin parents would want to have a son, Gauvin, who is deaf as well. However, deprive a child from the sense of hearing was not right for parents to choose a lifestyle that would label their unborn son as a person with a disability for the rest of his life. Life comes with many challenges, having a disability adds more challenges and creates more obstacles…show more content…
Social life is even harder when a child is considered, or in some cases even labeled, an “outsider.” Being an outsider can mean that the child, boy or girl, speaks a different language, is the new kid in town, or even dresses differently. Growing up with a disability, a person is automatically labeled as an “outsider,” because they are different and in many cases require certain accommodations that others do not need. When kids are young they do not quite grasp the concept of what is wrong and what is right. Making fun of others for having a disability such as being deaf is wrong, but the younger kids are the crueler they could be. McElroy confirms this by stating that “society is brutal to those who are different.” Without speaking would be hard for Gauvin to make friends when conversation is hard for him to communicate with other kids and understand them. Sign language is a type of communication that not many young children are exposed to; therefore, sign language is strange to them when someone, such as a deaf person, uses sign to try to communicate with them. This could expose their son to be made fun of by his fellow classmates and possibly bullied and later on become isolated by them as well, and growing up all kids want to be accepted by their classmates. No one ever wants to be the outcast of any social

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