Is It Right to Turn the Other Cheek

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Bullying is something that occurs all the time. People don’t like being bullied but they don’t know how to stop it. Often people who are being bullied ‘turn the other cheek’ to try and avoid being bullied or making the situation worse. Is turning the other cheek the right thing to do? Ishmael Leseur turned the other cheek to being bullied by Barry Bagsley. He did this because he didn’t want to bring attention to himself or give Barry Bagsley anything to pick on him with. Ishmael also turned the other cheek during the awards night because he didn’t want to ruin the night for everyone and bring himself down to Barry Bagsley’s level. People need to feel good about themselves and not let the bullies win. After all bullies usually only pick on people they know they can make feel bad to make themselves feel good. Ishmael didn’t feel good about himself, he hated his name he hated hearing the story of how he was born. Ishmael squirmed every time he heard his mother and father tell the story of how he was born and where he got his name from. At school Ishmael spent most of his time, as he says “making himself as small a target as possible” to avoid the bully Barry Bagsley and all the names he called him. Names like Le Spewer, Fishtail Le Sewer and Manure. He thought by turning the other cheek this would not give Barry Baglsey any opportunity to pick on him. What it did was show Barry Bagsley that hel was too afraid to stand up to him which meant that Barry Bagsley continued to pick on him and call him names all the time. If Ishmael had felt good about his name then he wouldn’t have needed to turn the other cheek he could have shown the bullies that he was proud of his name. Being proud of his name would have made him feel good and shown the bullies that what they said didn’t worry him. Bullies always pick on people that can’t defend themselves. One
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