Good Gene Character Analysis Essay

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Poor Gene When only judging Gene based on his actions, Gene can definitely be considered immoral. After all, Gene does jounce Finny off a tree limb. Gene also kicks Leper’s chair from under him and runs away from his friend in need. Gene is completely contemptible for all of his immoral actions, true. Although, what he does is understandable considering that he is a young, inexperienced boy who struggles with “the war” (24), self-esteem, jealousy, fear (and other emotions), and maturing, or “growing up”, with no real guidance. Gene jounces Finny off the limb, not because he wants to. It is an impulse, a quick subconscious, involuntary reaction. Gene recalls, “Holding firmly to the trunk, I took a step toward him, and then my knees…show more content…
Gene recalls Leper saying, “‘Like a savage underneath. Like,’ now there was the blind confusion in his eyes again, a wild slyness around his mouth, ‘like that time you knocked Finny out of the tree,”’ (145). Leper knows Gene’s deepest, darkest secret that, if it got back to the boys at Devon, could ruin his life there, and throw Gene into bitter isolation. Similar to jouncing Finny off the limb, this is an accident. It was a reflex, a “survival of the fittest” reaction that Gene did out of anger, fear, and confusion. He is already the “odd one out” and Finny seems to be his only real friend. This secret would destroy Gene’s rekindled friendship with Finny that has reached a happy, placid level. Gene recalls, “I shoved my foot against the rung of his chair and kicked,” (145). He loses himself in his emotions, but he struggles to control himself while “evolving the right way” (125) in order to survive. Gene feels guilty for losing himself, as a child would, when throwing a temper-tantrum. He does not mean to hurt people, especially the ones he cares for, he just does not know any better. Gene’s instincts kick in when he feels threatened, and he always regrets when they do. After Gene kicked Leper’s chair he says to Mrs. Lepellier, “I’m terribly-it was a mistake…he said something crazy. I forgot myself…I’m terribly sorry,”
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