Name Enoch Ailey Character Analysis

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“The boy guffawed and looked at the other people gathered around. He had yellow hair and a fox-shaped face” is how Flannery O’ Connor introduced Enoch Emery. “Name Enoch Emery,” the boy said and snuffled. From the beginning of Enoch’s appearance I knew I he would be my favorite character. Shortly after we learn a little bit more about Enoch. He is only eighteen and he has only been living in Taulkinham for about two months. During that two month period he already got himself a job. “I work for the city, I’m eighteen year old and I ain’t been here but two months and I already work for the city” (40). When Enoch meets Haze, Haze acts like a little douche (sorry but he really does). Enoch is really nice to Haze he even helped him when he…show more content…
When he finds Haze and starts talking I really just believe that he wants a friend. “I reckon I’ll go along and keep you company for a while” (42). He might have just been being friendly to Haze because he also didn’t know anybody except Mrs. Leora Watts. “I ain’t ever been to such an unfriendly place before” (43). Enoch asks Haze, “You know many people here?” Haze replied “No”. Enoch replies “You ain’t gonna know none neither. This is one more hard place to make friends in. I been here two months and I don’t know nobody. Look like all they want to do is knock you down.” Enoch tells Haze about his abusive father and this mean lady he lived with before he came there. It really makes me wonder if Enoch ever had anybody to talk to and that is why he is so strong on Haze; because Haze is listening. Enoch tells Haze that he has “wise blood”. “When he realized that today was the day he decided not to get up. He didn’t want to justify his daddy’s blood, he didn’t want to be always having to do something that something else wanted him to do, that he didn’t know what it was and that was always dangerous”(135). Enoch’s blood is “wise,” meaning his fate was pre-determined by his blood. that He seemed out of control in his mind while his "blood" took over and guided him. I thought it meant that there was a connection between how his previous family such as his father turned out and how he would turn out, like his
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