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Depicts a father's emotions as he is told that his son is a thief. The father feels a various amount of emotions surging in him, ranging from anger, guilt and embarrassment, hurt and finally sorrow. The topic is “The man who finds that his son has become a thief “. There is tension when someone tells the kid’s father he’s been stealing stuff. The resolution is that he starts to believe his son. “I didn’t steal anything, Honest. Then becoming calmer, seeing that anger will not help in the business, listening painfully as the other evidence unfolds , so painfully slow then seeing gradually that evidence almost as if tighten slowly around the neck of his son, at first vaguely circumstantial, then gathering damage, until there is present the unmistakable odour of guilt.” The central theme is anger. “Coming into the store at first angry at the accusation”. Yes later he started to calm down, but he was still angry because someone told him his son was stealing stuff, it’s a first reaction a parent will feel if someone told them something like that. Some literacy devices used in this poem are simile, imagery and conflict. They used a simile because they used the words “like and as “In the poem. Imagery because there are things in the poem that made me picture the poem in my head and conflict because this poem had conflict in it. Discipline: If your child lies to you of course you have to discipline them, like grounding them but hitting is not acceptable. Be positive: The more you reinforce good behavior the more likely it is that good conduct it will become a habit. Believe in your child: you should always believe in your child whether they are telling the truth or not. They contribute to the issue/ conflict because someone told the kids dad he’s been stealing and at first his dad came in angry and when he started listening to his kid he started believing that he was

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