Rick: Case Management Process

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The Case of Rick Tiffany Allen CJHS/420 June 15, 2015 Tammla Price The Case of Rick The case management process is designed to help clients from different cultures and backgrounds improve their current situation. Clients within the criminal justice system come with various behavioral patterns and mental disorders that need immediate attention from case managers. These behaviors can cause individuals to commit criminal activity and become part of the criminal justice system. Case managers must be aware of behavioral issues among clients so they can use effective intervention practices that will reduce recidivism and promote public safety. Description of Rick Case managers have to manage clients…show more content…
He goes from house to house befriending individuals who he feels he can intimidate. He says curse words to people whom he thinks is disrespecting him without regards to their feelings. Rick is diagnosed with conduct disorder at the age of 11 which causes him to be cruel to animals, sexual misconduct, manipulation, and acts of violence. Rick’s parents have taken him to counseling because they feel his probation should be more strict (Hanser & Mire, 2011, p. 77). Concept of helping clients during the case management process The concept of helping clients during the case management process will reduce recidivism, enhance public safety, and promote success. The case management concept is complex because different components may happen at different times during the treatment process. Each individual is unique and different, so therefore, the treatment has to be different. Freeman (2001) stated, “The traditional case management plan calls for reduction of problematic symptoms by a certain percentage” (p. 77). Case managers are professionals who provide treatment and services to clients so they can live productive in society. Intervention…show more content…
It is imperative for case managers to use intervention practices that will prevent risks, reduce the negative behavior, and promote productivity and success. Intervention practices are included in case management plans because they serve as actions to improve life situations. The concept with helping clients in the criminal justice is complex because each person is different and unique, so therefore, the treatment and services have to be different to promote success. In order for clients to change their behavior, they must change their way of thinking. References Freeman, D. W. 2001. “Trauma-Informed Services and Case Management.”

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