Shame Dick Gregory Summary

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“Shame” a story by Dick Gregory. A brilliant man with a million souls to share. Souls that will come out and whisper in your ear every time you read a novel of his. If you were to read his story in hope of finding a happy ending, you would no doubt be disappointed. For in this story only lies shame, unfair and unreasonable shame. We all have experienced this in some way or form. No life has gone without a form of self-shame. With Dick’s story however, he experiences a shame that only gets worse as it begins. His shame doesn’t just go away, it evolves through the story. Dick Gregory’s story starts with just a young boy lost in a world of shame that he has no control over. In all of his life, Greg has never endured anymore shame then in…show more content…
However, all of Greg’s troubles seem to fade away as he meets the girl of his dream, Helene Tucker. Gregory explains the sight of Helene with so much feeling and motion. From her short pigtails to her clean smile, the reader can truly see a true goddesses. Even with all the troubles Greg has been going through in life, he still manages to find a way to the light. Darkness soon arises though as Dick Gregory meets his teacher. To him, she thought that he was a stupid child. She didn’t think he was kind, helpful, or special. Of course, this may not be the case at all. In Greg’s story, his teacher skips him in turn for the community chest. Greg was extremely hurt by this, so he decided to act. By doing this however, he may have just darkened his own life. The teacher comments on how Gregory doesn’t have a dad right after he tries to put some of the money in the chest and say it was from his father. Gregory may have actually thought that he was going to buy a dad. Now after hearing this, most readers get a bad feeling from the teacher. What if however, the teacher wasn’t trying to be mean but instead was trying to save Greg of having nothing to give to the chest. This is just one of
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