Bullying: Video Analysis

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Shannon Bodensieck Professor Walsh April 12, 2012 Bullying In the video about bullying, I agree with what was said. Most kids bully without even knowing what they are doing. In the video all of the kids were asked to explain bullying as what they believe it is, the explanations from the kids ranged from saying it is an older kid stealing their lunch money to as far as racism. Honestly I believe that whether a child will become a bully as they grow up depends on how they are raised by their parents and what goes on in their home life. When the kids were asked if they have ever bullied someone else, most of the answers that were given were of course "No". But when asked to really think hard about if they ever picked on a sibling they second guessed their selves. I find it very sad that bullying at such a young age can range all the way to them being racist. At one point of the movie a young African American boy was asked to explain bullying, and his response was "someone making fun of your skin color". At this point i was really surprised that a boy at such a young age said he was…show more content…
The children in the video where asked if they have ever bullied someone else. All of the answers that they gave where no. They were then asked to think hard about it, if they have any siblings and if they picked on them or made fun of them, or joked around with their friends making fun of them. Each one of them all changed their answers to a yes. Kids do not always realize what they are doing to others can be hurtful, whether it be to a sibling or a friend. I feel like when kids think of bullying they automatically think of the big kid coming over and stealing their lunch money, they do not realize that the jokes they tell or the silly names that they call others fall under bullying. They do not take into consideration what they are doing and saying to others, and they really need

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