Debateable Child Spanking Laws

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Smacking/Spanking of Children Should Not Be Banned A very debatable issue is if spanking children should be banned or not. Many people are on both sides. Some think that it is a form of discipline, and it will help the child to behave. Others think that it is a form of abuse, and if adults cannot hit adults, it should be illegal for adults to strike them. There is a difference, however, between punching your child in the face, and spanking him on the bottom when he is misbehaving. Unfortunately, some parents take smacking and spanking their children too far. Some parents use physical discipline to the point where the child is receiving bruises or starts bleeding. Banning the spanking of children will not solve the real abusive cases. People who abuse their children will not stop just because it is illegal(1, Selwyn Duke , The New American). Studies show that if a teen is still being spanked, he is more likely to get into fights and become violent. Research also shows that teens who are still receiving physical punishment do worse in school than their peers(2, Daniel Martin, Mail Online). There are positive effects of spanking your children if you do it the right way. Studies show that children who are spanked between the ages of two and six performed better at school. They are more likely to do volunteer work, and community service. Research shows that children who are spanked at a young age tend to respect their parents later on in life. They also are happier and more successful than people who have never been spanked(3, Daniel Martin, Mail Online). Parents who do spank their children are not abusing them. It is simply a form of discipline. By making it illegal to spank their own children, you take away a parent’s rights. Many parents are speaking up about how they feel towards this subject. A concerned mother said "I
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