Issue of Smacking Children

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Should Parents be banned from smacking their children? Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Most of you already know my name and what I’m here for. But in case you didn’t, my name is Mehdi and I’m here to talk about a major issue in our society today, that being the issue of parents smacking their children. Smacking can be defined as “to strike someone, usually with the palm of the hand as a punishment.” Going back twenty to forty years, smacking wasn’t even an issue, with over 90% of people smacking their children. Smacking seemed to be the best form of discipline when the typical first warning didn’t work. However, today, smacking has become a major issue in our society, with 33 countries having already banned it. And that is why I’m here today, to inform you about the negatives of smacking and why it should be banned in Australia and countries that haven’t done so yet. Now before we start on why smacking is harmful, can I see a show of hands of people who have been smacked before? Also people who plan on smacking your children when you grow up and have kids yourself? So first of all, why do we smack your children? Is it because they are out of hand? Is it the only method of discipline that works? Now what a lot of parents don’t know is that, not only does smacking have short term mental and physical effects, it also has long term psychological effects which is why I believe smacking should be banned. Research shows that smacking undermines children’s confidence, weakens their emotional relationships and encourages the use of violence to solve any conflict with people around them. Psychologists say that alcoholism, depression, masochistic fantasies and suicidal thoughts arise from being smacking during childhood. Let’s just stop for a minute and think about this, how on earth can we expect children to play with other children without hitting each other, if we as

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