Characteristics Of SIDS

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome By: Danielle Ladner March 3, 2009 Child Psychology Online It was the first night home from the hospital after having my new baby boy. The whole night I tossed and turned and checked on him every five minutes. I was scared to death that something would happen to him while he was asleep. I had always heard of SIDS and how infants just passed away in their sleep, but I never actually knew what it was and how I could reduce the risks of it. Therefore, after having an infant of my own I became very interested in finding out everything I could about SIDS. By becoming more knowledgeable of the characteristics and risk factors of SIDS, I knew that I could pass the…show more content…
These characteristics include the infant’s age, gender, and what time of the year it is. The National SIDS/Infant Death Resource Center (NSIDRC) is affiliate of the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, which in turn is a service of the U.S. Department of Health Bureau, which in turn is a service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. SIDS is just as likely to occur in Native Americans as in African Americans. In regards to age, most deaths caused from SIDS occur by the end of the sixth month. It has been reported that most SIDS related death occur during the fall and winter months, possibly due to over bundling and overheating of the infant. SIDS is also more likely to occur in a male infant than in a female infant. Parents should take the time to become familiar with characteristics of…show more content…
Parents should familiarize themselves with the characteristics of SIDS, the risk factors of SIDS, and the ways to prevent SIDS. By learning all of these things, we can become more knowledgeable about SIDS and hopefully decrease the number of lives that may be taken by SIDS. WORKS CITED American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). SIDS “Back to Sleep” Campaign. Modified September 16, 2008. Accessed March 2, 2009. California SIDS Program. “SIDS.” Modified 2002. Accessed March 2, 2009 Sponsor “The National SIDS Resource Center.” Modified February 16, 1998. Accessed March 2, 2009. Sponsor. “American SIDS Institute” Modified June 2007. Accessed March 2, 2009. Health A to Z. “What is SIDS?” Modified June 2007. Accessed March 2,

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