Spanking a Child

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Spanking a Child In the past few years people have been wondering is spanking abuse? Is it bad for the child? The answer is no. Many parents and law officials believe that spanking a child corrupts them in the future, forcing a law to be set in Section 43 of the charter, to band spanking. Although others believe there is no problem and it should be allowed. Through these arguments officials can't actually set a complete law down on spanking so they put that unless it's "reasonable" it's wrong. It is clear through many studies, beliefs and years that spanking is not abuse and should be allowed. Spanking a child helps parents show authority. You see many shows like Super Nanny were kids walk all over the parents, because they know that all they get is a time out. Parents have to deal with a lot from their kids that they shouldn't have to take over and over. Parents try and take things from their kids, but it turns out that the kids cause more problems because their bored without it. Kids do things that they shouldn't and parents tell them they can’t do that by giving them a light spank on the butt. The parents show that their not going to allow the child goofing off and they will be listened to. Study shows that children have more respect for their parents in the future if and when their spanked. I believe parents need to spank, and I have more respect for mine because they did. Spanking a child is also not abuse because the parent spanking the kid is teaching them right from wrong. A parent has to teach a kid what’s right from wrong so they can assure they won’t do it again. Once a parent spanks a child the child realizes what they did was wrong and their not allowed too. It teaches them for when their older and are adults as well as understand responsibilities. They also learn the do’s and don’ts of society. That is why spanking a child is fine and important.

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