Overprotective parents Essay

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Nowadays, most teenagers complain that their parents are too strict, overprotective or too old-fashioned. Parents, on the other hand, think that they must do everything to protect their children. There are many reasons why parents are overprotective. Firstly, it is undeniable that there are many reports in the newspapers about teenagers getting involved in criminal activities such as robberies and crimes. As a parent, one definitely does not want their own children to be criminals. Secondly, more and more underage girls are getting pregnant and the statistics worry the parents. Parents especially mothers get apprehensive when their teenage girls start dating. The former will try to dissuade their girls from going out with the boys. Thirdly, parents are strict because they want their teenagers to do well academically. They want their children to excel in their studies and therefore they do not let the teenagers waste time hanging out with their friends. If your parents are overprotective, you must take time to talk to them and gain their trust. You must show your parents that you are a responsible teenager and you can take good care of yourself. If they do not give you enough freedom, do not throw a tantrum or slam the door. That will make matters worse. Communication is essential in any relationship and you must learn to listen to your parents and understand their fears. If they give you some freedom, you must not betray their trust by getting involved in drugs or other negative activities. You must always let your parents know where you are and you can introduce your friends to them so that they can get to know your friends better. Parents’ love for their children is unconditional and as their children, we must put ourselves in their shoes and we will understand that they are strict because they love
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