Making Fun Of An Audience

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Making Fun of an Audience In Mark Twain’s “Advice to Youth” satire is integrated into the text to make fun of an audience, even though he gives “…Didactic, instructive,” or “Good advice” (291). He criticizes the standard relationship form between children and their parents, specifically attacking the lack of humor between children and parents. When parents take things way too seriously when something “bad” happens which is not the best approach to solve minor problems that arise. Twain is skilled in many different art forms of language. He advises the reader to learn the same skill sets early on in life so that they can take advantage of the opportunities in front of them. Twain makes fun of the parents’ false sense of control of their children. Twain explains how kids really act, and when they should obey their parents. He states “[always] obey your parents, when theyare present (291).Twain is not telling kids to disobey their parents. He is telling parents when their children are alone they don’t always follow the rules. For example if you’re telling a child not to jump on a bed, as soon as the parents are out of sight they are going to jump on the bed again. What the parents think is going to happen is that they will only have to tell their child once and it will not happen again. The reality is if a child thinks something is fun then they are going to find a way to do it when the parents are not looking. Parents are not prefect and everything they say may not be the right thing to do, but pleasing them is the best policy so kids should do it anyway. Twain warns “the best policy in the long run” (291) is to do what your parents say even when it is wrong, because if you do not and get caught, punishment will be waiting for you. That is advice that we have all heard, but find it impossible to follow while growing up. Since most children do not
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