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Child Abuse and Neglect: Summary. Child abuse is a crucial part of the law in todays society. When asked to define child abuse what do you think of? I think of a child being beaten to near death or maybe even deprived of food sources that they need to survive. The child could also feel a sad disappointed feeling because their parent won’t give them the attention a child should be receiving or a child could just be being neglected all together possibly by the parent just not caring, but I will tell you all about these things in my paragraphs below. First, Physical abuse: where a parent physically hits the child. The child will have unexplained burns, bites, bruises, broken bones, or black eyes. Also if the child screams and fusses that they don’t want to go or when the time comes to go home. A child could also feel as if any adult that approaches then could be harm to them. There are also signs that you can tell when a parent is abusing the child. An example would be if a parent was talking about the child saying he and or she was very bad or "evil". Another reason why a parent would possible physically abuse a child would be because they were abused themselves when they were younger. Second, Neglect: when a child is being neglected he and or she is consistently dirty and smells really horrid. The child could also have a problem with drugs or alcohol. If the parent neglects their child they are forced to steal or even beg for money or food. The child will be hungry and very skinny. When looking at the parent or talking to them they seem to be apathetic to very depressed. They feel as if the only way to feeling anything is to make the child feel just as miserable as they are. In a lot of parents there seems to be a lot of drugs and alcohol use. They also behave in a bizarre manner. As in sudden out bursts or even lashing out on a child in public. Third, Sexual

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