Maltreatment And Abuse Case Study

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Some Factors that would lead to thought of maltreatment or abuse would be unexpected change in a young person or child’s behavior. Observing an unexpected change in behavior this will not allow the abuse or maltreatment to continue as something would be done about it. If a child was being disruptive and they were normally very calm and quiet and even the change between a child who is regularly disruptive to become very reclusive will act apprehensive and it should be reported immediately and taken into consideration as an order to understand why the change in behavior had occurred. A doubtful change in behavior would be display displaced anger and emotionally immature. Another factor which could lead to the suspicion of maltreatment and abuse…show more content…
If they had low self-esteem this could mean that the child/ young person may be facing further abuse in their parenthood as they are very defenseless. If someone has been abused from a child it may mean that they could possibly never reach their full potential. This would be due to depreciation that they had faced and possibly end up making them feel powerless to take on a role which would consist of obligation. Not being able to have relationships with people in the future, making friends as a child and finding a husband/partner once in parenthood. Self-harm would make the service providers very mistrustful as the pain imposed on them by themselves is showing as the pain they are facing at some other point with someone else. They sequence of abuse may continue, it is more likely for someone that has been abuse to be an abuser once they grow older so a back ground check on parents and people living in the family home would need to be done to make sure that it is safe and secure for the individual…show more content…
If a child has burns it could also be a sign of them being physically abused, if small round burn marks are found it could show that the child has been burnt with a cigarette.. Burns are very agonizing and can in some cases lead to infections; some burns might even need medical attention. Infection of a child can also lead to be a suspicion of abuse as a child who is repeatedly ill or has consistent infections may not be getting the right amount of care that is needed; this could be seen as neglect. If a child is underweight it can also mean that they are being neglected. Children are weighed frequently during the course of their lives as children are meant to have medical checks throughout childhood children need a precise balanced diet to make sure that they have regular growth at the most significant stage of life. Neglect often leads to deprived hygiene of a child for example if they were wearing dirty clothes or clothes that are far too small or too big for them. Children who have been neglect may also become very withdrawn and very reclusive, always being on their own at school, having low self- esteem, being very quiet, don’t contribute in

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