Looked After Children Task 1

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There are many different reasons to why children may be taken away to be looked after away from their families. The following reasons are: • Bereavement- this is the death of a parent which then results in the child having nobody to care for the child. Bereavement can cause the family to be dysfunctional, causing the family unable to function properly which will then put pressure on the family and causing the child to either optionally become a looked after child or a care order out in place. Bereavement can put a lot of stress on a family and commonly stress and responsibility do not work well together. • Parental illness- if the parent becomes too ill to look and care for the child then the child may either be optionally put into care or a care order put in place to remove the child. Due to the fact that the parent has not got a record of abusive behaviour towards the child, it will allow the parent to have access to their child and regular visits. Also the child may be put in temporary respite and able to return home once the parent is stable. • Parental incapacity- this means the breakdown of a family. For example if a father leaves the mother unexpectedly and the mother cannot cope looking after the child on her own then the child will be optionally put in care or a care order put in place. Once a family have a breakdown this can put a lot of stress on individuals in the family including the children. The children may struggle with their situation and begin to show signs of behavioural problems, this will stress the single parent and then the child once again may be optionally or forced to be put into care. • Suspected abuse- if there are signs that the parents are abusing the child this can be from physical, emotional, social and intellectual abuse then this would be another reason for the child to have a care order put in
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