What are qualities of a good parent??

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A good parent will educate his child to become a nice person. So a good parent is very important to everyone in early childhood. Thus, what are the criteria for a good parent ? In my opinion, they consist of three qualities: nice behavior, reasonable attitude in education and affection. First of all, children are very likely to imitate what they see. So they are most influenced by their parents, both thinking and behavior. Kids learn habits from their parents, but adolescents learn a whole life style from them. Kids are sometimes expected to become their parents' desired models. Actually, a kid often desires to become a person like his mother or father. So bad behaviors of parents lead to bad results on their children. If parents often argue with each other, children may lose their belief in family and life. It also creates feelings of insecurity and fear when they hear their parents bickering. In addition, children will learn to argue with each other the same way their parents do. So a good parent must behave in order for his kids to do the same. Secondly, a good parent must have a good attitude. I believe that a reasonable attitude makes a child feel pleasant about the teaching of his parent. For example, when a child acts in a harmful manner, a good parent tells him that such behavior is unacceptable, suggest alternatives, explains this to him and avoids statements such as “You were bad”. Because children do not recognize their mistakes when being scolded, parents should explain nicely to help them have a better look at themselves. So the reasonable attitude helps parents educate their kids more efficiently and it is surely a criterion of a good parent. Finally, the most important quality of a good parent is affection. Because a loving and supportive household gives children the stability they need to feel safe. A little encouragement, a appreciation, or even
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