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Beginning to future Nastassja Matthews Psy 202 Allison Kipp September 10, 2012 I. I was born and raised in New York City. a. I am the third oldest out of seven siblings. b. My parents divorce when I was sixteen or seventeen, but I they split up when I was about seven or eight. I mainly lived with my father. c. My father and I had moved to Halifax, Virginia when I was about ten or eleven. II. One of the things I remember growing, we always had family outings and have more laughter than other days. a. There were days where we would struggle on making ends meet along with buying food, paying bills, and buying clothing. To put food on the table, my father went to food banks and we had food every month. b.…show more content…
Also when it comes to decisions, we think differently. In the reading on chapter 3.3, it states “ young adults , more so than adolescents, tend to analyze situations and make decisions on the basis of pragmatic, realistic, and emotional grounds, recognizing that the most practical solutions often involve compromise and a willingness to accept different thinking in different situations.” (Robert Sternberg, 3.3 Cognitive Developments). My academic goal is to take a step at a time with each class and do my very best in that class. I get anxiety when I am in class or when it comes down to taking tests. I have a fear of failing because I think too much of it instead of taking deep breathes and have positive thoughts that I can do this if I put my mind to it. My professional goal is to become a early childhood development teacher. I chose this career because I love working with children all ages. I feel that with my personality being social, I can interact with kids and/or people in my professional career and also in my personal life. Also if there ever come a time when I have to deal with a child when they are being rude, I would have to be patient with the child and also try to get the child to trust me. Although when I go into my field, I would like to learn how to better understand each individual child's problem and learn how to deal with it. My major has been a huge part of my life on how I would better myself as well as being a great early childhood development
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