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CYPOP 14 – Support Children & Young People to have positive relationships Children and Young People learn to be strong and independent through loving and secure relationships with parents, carers and other family members such as grandparents. When children are looked after outside the home they can develop security and independence through the carers in a child care setting or from teachers in school. Children’s learning is helped when they feel safe and secure and when their parents and the people in settings they attend work together to ensure that the child’s needs are met. 1.1 – Identify the different relationships children and young people may have Children and Young People have relationships and come into contact with many different people in their day to day life. These relationships start from birth, the first relationship a child will ever have is with their parents, their mother and father are their primary carers and the people that the child will get to know first. This is followed by siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncle and cousins. All who will be introduced to the child at various stages shortly after birth. Children will also have relationships with carers, be this their child minder if their parents work, the staff in a day care facility or playgroup or their health visitor. As children grow and develop they also begin to form their own relationships with people they will identify as their friends. People who share the same, age, interests and hobbies as them will become a part of their everyday lives. They will have the opportunity to meet these people in school, after school activities, clubs and in their local neighbourhood. They will also come across acquaintances from time to time, people who aren’t directly related to or close to them but people who they may meet everyday in the neighbourhood, at friends houses or people

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