1.1 Explain Why Effective Communication Is Important in Developing Positive Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults.

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Effective communication is vital when developing positive relationships with children young people and adults. Some people really struggle with their learning or they may have confidence issues, these issues may stop them from communicating freely. Treating them in a calm, friendly, positive, and praising manner could mean the difference between them trusting me and closing down completely and giving up. It is important to have a positive relationship with children and young adults because if they feel comfortable and secure with the adult and their setting whether it is a childminder, a nursery or a school they will separate more easily from their parent or carer. If they feel emotionally secure they are more likely to participate in the play and learning activities. Children need to have a strong relationship with the staff to feel comfortable and secure this will help them to enjoy themselves and less likely to show unwanted behaviour. It is important for adults to ensure that they have effective communication with their students; this will help keep the children comfortable and will also gain their trust. Without trust and honesty the children may feel like you are unapproachable and may keep their problems and worries to themselves and this may affect their learning. It is important that children are made aware of what is expected of them within school with regards to their behaviour and interacting with others. Adults must also be conscious of their reactions to certain situations in front of children as they are seen as role models, for example using bad language or aggressive behaviour will stick in a child’s mind and they may replicate the behaviour. As a Teaching Assistant, having a close relationship with any pupil in my setting means I can learn to recognise their needs. I work in the nursery every morning and a lot of the children are only 2
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