3.4 Promote Children and Young People's Positive Behaviour

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(Q1b) The policies and procedures that are in place to support children and young people make children feel safe at the school because they feel that are fully protected from any negative behaviour inflicted by other children. Children will perform better in their studies if they know there isn’t any obstacle in the way that can cause them stress and make them feel unhappy. Our school policy ensures that every child knows what is expecting of them and expects each child to make their own positive contribution to the school. This is achieved by making every child feel proud of the school they are in. Children’s behaviour at the school depends on each child’s attitude to each other and the school. The school promotes interaction with one another by giving the children opportunities to develop their individual skills and abilities. Each child may perform better in some activities than in others. The school may occasionally hold charity art and baking competitions between classes and older children can also participate in a sports day against other schools in which the children can rival their skills against each other. These opportunities give the children confidence and promotes their interaction with each other. This has an impact on how each child behaves at the school. The school has the understanding that some children may be restricted and may not perform as well as others because of their different backgrounds or their learning capabilities. The school helps children feel content at the school by realising each child’s learning capabilities and provides extra intervention and other resources where needed and by promoting
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