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TDA 2.13 1.1 Describe the school policy for displays The placement where I work doesn’t essentially have a policy for the displays that they have up around school. Although displays are very important for the way our school looks, there is no specific ways to put them up, what you can put up and how you can put them up. Our displays around the school are mainly made up of children’s work. We have a few which are informative, especially in the Key Stage 2 area where they are beginning to understand the ways of the world and the differences in the way people react and say things. 1.2 Describe the importance and purposes of displays in the school School displays are there so visitors and parents who come into the school can see what their child has been doing through the course of a term. They can also make the school feel more welcoming and can give the children a sense of achievement. It is important for children to see their work up on the display boards as they will begin to feel as though they are doing something right within their time at school. They will feel as if they are achieving something and it will be something positive to tell their parents. The purpose of display boards vary. Some display boards can hold information about the school, their policies and any upcoming events that may be happening in or around the school. They can also show what the children have been achieving whilst they are there and it can also provide a background for the children’s work. 1.3 Describe how displays are used in the learning process Displays can be used to support the children by reminding them about different aspects of learning. Displays can sometimes involve a vocabulary list or mathematical equations which you would like the children to work out. All children’s work should be put on display. They should be able to see their work and

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