Which School Is Better?

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Which School is Better? School was meant to be fun but also to get a good quality education. It also is suppose to get kids hooked on a schedule and to get them ready for the real world situations. Students should be in regular schools rather than being home schooled by a parent. By a child not being in a regular school the child misses out on social events, range of different methods being taught, and not getting the proper exercise. Dances, homecoming, prep rallies, and prom are all what some teenagers dream for when they are young. Hoping to be crowned king and or queen.. These are all types of events and activities that happen every year, but to a child who is home schooled are not given the option to attend or participate in. There are many clubs and other organizations that a student that can join if they were not to be home schooled. By not being home schooled, a student can interact with various kinds of other kids such as, different ethnics, genders, living styles, and backgrounds. Several students in every grade make new friends plus the friends that had before. Starting kids in a public school betters chances of a child who is home schooled, at being more sociable. While in regular school, a child will get a better quality education than a student who is in homeschool. The reason why is simple, in a school a student will have multiple teachers so he or she can see how different teachers teach a class. Students will have good, bad, strict, and polite teachers. If a child is being home schooled and taught by a parent the downfall is that a parent does not know everything about the curriculum. Nor does the parents know all of the history of certain subject. Another benefit from being a student in school, a student can choose what kind of class that they would like to take in a certain subject and the difficulty of the course. Being the

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