High School: Mandatory or Optional?

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One of the more well known problems in the United States when it comes to school is young kids dropping out. In high school, a child is allowed to drop out legally at age sixteen. This meaning that the child would have been in school for approximately ten or eleven years. In order to truly be considered a “dropout” one would have quit school at the high school level, and not received any form of a high school credential, including a diploma or the equivalent in the form of a GED (General Educational Development). Some may argue though, that the age of sixteen is far too young for anyone to drop out and just give up on education all together. However, everyone has their own take on the subject. There are some people who believe it is the child’s as well as the parent’s decision when they stop going to school or receiving any form of education and along with the previously mentioned ideas. The legal age for a student to drop out of high school should be raised to eighteen everywhere. Even though some kids don’t have the same circumstances as others, they should still be made to go to school until they are a legal adult because it will help them get a better job, make better money, and provide more opportunities for themselves than they might have if they dropped out at the young age of sixteen. Free public education is something that the United States has that many other countries in this world is not fortunate enough to have. To be able to send our children to school for free and have them receive a education to help not only better themselves, but also better out nation is one of the main reasons so many families immigrate here. From a young age, most children learn that in order to succeed, one needs to go to school and excel. This, unfortunately, is not always an option for kids. Everybody has a different life and different circumstances. Sure, we would like to

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