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Minimum Legal Drinking Age The current legal drinking age is twenty one years old; however, there has been an interest in lowering the drinking age down to eighteen years old. A teen can become an adult in every arena of life at this age, except being legal to consume alcoholic beverages. One may choose to lower the drinking age because many teens do not follow the rules anyways. In high school parties, it is common for there to be drinking. The drinking age should not be lowered because seniors in high school can contribute to the underage fourteen to seventeen year olds’ desires to experiment with alcohol. There is a reason these laws are put into place. Laws are like safeguards for us, a type of protection from ourselves. It is important that drinking is done responsibly. Frankly, teenagers do not have the capacity to drink responsibly. There are many different limitations in various countries; some cultures don’t even have an…show more content…
Despite one’s ability to gain “adult responsibilities” by the age of eighteen, it is completely obvious that the damage to both the body and the brain as a result of alcohol abuse far outweighs any privilege of adulthood. Rules are a protection for the people, the MLDA of twenty-one should not be altered, as it is a protection to the young adults. If other cultures have different rules, it is irrelevant to our society and country. The only place that should be looked upon is the very place we live in-The United States Of America. We run our nation differently than other places around world. In eighth grade, there should be an alcohol awareness class. We need not wait until their freshman year of high school, high school is where they become exposed to a whole new world. Freshmen year may be too late to tell the teens that drinking alcohol can be

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