Should Children Be Home Schooled?

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The argument whether pupils should be home schooled or put in regular school has been a hot topic for a debate since it is such a controversial issue. Home schooling is when you are educated by your parent or guardian in the comfort of your own home, whereas regular school is when you are taught by a qualified, professional teacher. Some would argue that home schooling is the better option because of the advantage of one-to-one tuition, however I would say regular school is superior as it prepares you better for the future. Attending school encourages you to socialise and as well as being more affordable, it allows you access to professional teaching and quality resources to help you on your journey to become successful in life. The social aspect of this topic has always prompted many arguments. Those in favour of home school would argue that you are more likely to be bullied in regular school. They argue bullying can be enough to take children out of school if it is bad enough. For example, Channel 4 news reported how Bev Powell, a mother of three had to take her youngest child out of school. She said “My daughter Tiah was bullied in school to the extent that she attempted twice to end her own life” This illustrates that bullying can be so traumatic for children, that they feel that home schooling is the only option, as Tiah did in this case. However, I would argue that if Tiah’s parents had given the school the opportunity to deal with the situation, then Tiah might have continued to be educated at regular school. There is no real reason why a child should continue to be bullied if the school offers the proper support. Moreover, I would also point out that if you stay in regular school, you have many opportunities to meet new people, socialise and make new friends. In fact, after looking at many school calendars, I would conclude that there is a huge range of
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