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“Dangerous Mind” The film Dangerous Mind started with Louanne Johnson, an ex-marine and she is trying to start a new career in teaching. In her first year of teaching, she taught in an inter-city school; a school for the underprivileged youths. Mostly of the students from this school came from a neighborhood that no one would rather live because it is a place of poverty, homelessness and drug deals. Gang violence is prevalent thus, chances in life is lesser and changes is out of the picture. Invoking fear to one another has been a necessity to survive. On the first day of Ms. Louanne Johnson, she was not welcomed by her students because at the back of their mind, even if they learn or not, the culture where they grew up instilled in them that they will not accomplish anything outside of what they grew up with. They will be that kind of person sooner or later, they will eventually be one of the drug dealers or notorious gangsters of their neighborhood. Ms. Johnson, had a hard time surpassing the barrier between she and her students. Ms. Johnson had to think outside of the box in order to connect with her students better. Ms. Johnson did a little research on the background of her students. She realized that she had to come and live in the same neighborhood as with her students for her to know what the reality they are experiencing is. If she herself will still think that there is still a choice or a slightest hope for them. Ms. Johnson realized that she had to break the standardized curriculum of the school. She taught her students about verbs and used unfavorable words such as “I want to die”, “I choose to die” and the like. She worked hard to motivate the students to do their schoolwork by bribing them with candies, prizes and field trips. The more important thing that Ms. Johnson did to her students was to challenge their abilities and push them to be better

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