Public Education vs. Home Schooling

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Public Education vs. Home Schooling May 20, 2012 Com 155 Final Assignment Parents have considered home schooling and how it can beneficial for the child as well as the parents themselves. Many parents are considering these options available to them. When comparing public education and the benefits it offers in comparison to home schooling it would be best to home school the child. Even though many parents are sure what form of education would be best public education or home schooling. Public school allows more interaction and socializing with other children, while home schooling concentrates on the how child progresses educationally, as the needs of the child are met. It is the goal of the parent home schooling to see their child succeed. Many parents would want to home school the child because of a hundred percent involvement in the child’s education, this is a major decision for any parent, but I know most parents wants to know how much their child is progressing on a daily basis, what are they learning and knowing they are a part of their child’s education. Most parents think it might be expensive to home school but it is not, most learning material can easily be found online for free. There is a famous quote by John F. Kennedy “The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.” As a parent, people around us might view home schooling as better especially those that home schooled as a child growing up. Most parents’ think that having their child interact with other children is important, but that can be accomplished after school as well, by playing or engaging in recreational activities. Public school encourages socialization everyday and developing new friendships, they are also interacting with children
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