Asses the View That Working Class Children Under Achieve Because They Are Culturally Deprived.

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It is said that children from a middle class background are more likely to do better than children from a working class background. One of the main arguments is because working class children are culturally deprived. Being culturally deprived means that you are deprived from the values needed for school for you to succeed. Being culturally deprived can affect a child’s education as they’re more likely to disagree with the schools system, making them not pay attention or wanting to learn. This can cause them to drop out and not Finnish there education so they would only being able to get a working class job. In a recent survey 77% of children from a higher professional background will achieve 5 or more A*-C GCSE’s, wear as only 33% of children from a routine background will achieve 5 or more A*-C GCSE’s. There are three main areas of cultural depravation. Intellectual development, language and values. Intellectual development is how your parents develop their children’s minds. Middle class children will have a head start because their parents will be able to afford educational toys. They will be able to afford activities like playgroups and social clubs, for example, baby swimming. They are likely to have more time as one of the parents may be at home, where as in working class families, it is likely that both parents will work. Another way that middle class parents can support their children is by taking them on educational trips, for example, museums. This means their children can have a better understanding on more things in life. They would also probably read more to their children as they may have more time, which will help the child’s mind develop and give their child the best head start they can. Some sociologists argue that working class children wont have this advantage as their families will lack books, educational toys and also because
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