Day Care: Positive Or Negative?

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Would you leave your child in a day care facility? Today more people are opting toward the idea of child day care centers, according to the American Psychological Association, (APA) “two out of every three children” are in the care of someone other than their parents. There are several positive things that come from day care centers but there are also some negative influences from day care centers. It is important to choose a day care that provides children with a healthy and safe environment. “Finding child care is more than merely picking a (day care) service that lets parents go to work” (APA.) Parents really need to research and make sure the day care center that they choose is the right one for their children. Sometimes day care centers may look like a great place for children to learn, play and grow but that is not always reason enough to place children in the day care center. When choosing the best day care center parents could process a background check on the person they are employing. Parents need to know the importance of child care programs. Most parents choose a center based on the location of the day care center, the hours it is operational and mainly the cost of the day care center. Many decisions are based on the visual appearance of the day care centers. In some facilities there are agencies that can help parents find a good day care center for their young children to be cared for. Parents also need to check into the safety hazards, for example, plug in safety covers and how many caregivers there are compared to how many children are being cared for. In the 1970s more women started entering the workforce and sending their children to day care centers. “Over the past decade, mounting evidence have begun to convince psychologists that youngsters placed in a day care center are more likely to display an “insecure attachment” to their

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