How To Write A Persuasive Essay On Daycare

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Day care is a better childcare system. Day-care is a reasonable form of childcare system. Day-care is place where children ranging from ages as small as one month to ages that are much older who are being taken care of during the day. This could be due to the fact of parents being too busy to take care of them during that said time, either because of work, school, or other time consuming obligations. Day-care with a good quality of caregivers teaches the children to interact or socialize with their peers, helps them to acknowledge and learn new things and also helps a child to be prepared for elementary school. First of all, children learn to socialize wisely with each other; such as making friends, forming groups on their own and even…show more content…
They tend to learn advance things, such as reading, coloring, identifying shapes, reading the letters of the alphabet. By doing this, many children grasp the new information and they use it in their everyday lives. For example, when they are taught the ABCs most children would continually sing the song everywhere they go, therefore it would get instilled in their minds and they would always remember it. Also they learn how to acknowledge and understand their body parts and the basic functions it carries out. In daycares many of the staff provides nursery rhymes that would label their parts of the body, for instance 'heads and shoulders, knees and toes' this nursery rhyme enables the child to understand where parts are on their bodies and caregivers also tend to expand on what the function is. Children also acknowledge comprehension skills as to reading, writing etc. Third of all, daycare helps the child to prepare for elementary school. One way that it does this is that the child becomes accustomed to having a different adult around them and helping them to accomplish many of the tasks per day. They also understand how to follow many rules and how they should behave in a different environment other than their own homes. Children become aware of how they

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