Unit 1 Introduction to Working with Children

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Unit 1- A introduction to working with children D1/D2 A statutory provision setting for children aged 0-5 years is sure start; sure start is a government funded programme that makes sure that every child has the best start for their future. They also offer advice for single mums and teenaged mums that are struggling. Sure start offers alot of support and help for parents, sure start has family support services which includes advice, support and help etc. Sure start has early education which teaches your child to maybe count, learn the alphabet, learn through play etc. Sure start has a variety of activities and services which includes stay and play groups, young parents group e.g. teenagers etc, it has a sensory room where children/parents can go if they have special needs where they can explore and develop their senses and skills. Sure start also has baby massage were they put cream on the baby and gently massage into the skin this helps relax the baby and also the parent. A statutory provision setting for children aged 5-7 years is an infant school which can be up to 4-7 years. Most infant schools follow the national curriculum as they do English, Mathematics, Science, Art and design, Technology, Geography, History, this is encouraging the child to learn and develop new learning skills. They also do PE which is getting the children more active and involved with exercise and keeping them fit and healthy. An infant school is usually funded by the government, they fund it because by law it has to be there as the children are learning and developing. A non-statutory provision is a private day nursery they start from 0-5 years, private day nurseries can take babies from as young as 6 weeks old. Private Day nurseries work 12 hours a day from 7 am till 7 pm. They work around the parents work hours. They open Monday - Friday, they open all year round.

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