Safeguarding of Children

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Unit 333 Understanding how to safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people Outcome 1 1.1 In 1989 the children’s act was introduced to change legislations in England and Wales for child welfare. Closer communication and help between authorises and parents. A good balance protecting children and parent’s rights. To have a framework of courts to help with family proceeding. To help parents with their responsibilities. The every child matters guidelines were brought out in 2004, following the death of a child. The main points that came out are: A closer relationship between agencies i.e. Health professional, schools and welfare. A data base of all children’s records and what services they are know to. There should be an independent children’s commissioner for England. A board for children and families, chaired by a senior government minster. Ofsted to monitor children’s services. There are five outcomes from every child matters; Being healthy – At school we ensure that children are encouraged to be healthy. Every morning each class does wake and shake exercises to keep them alert. P.E. is done twice a week and we encourage the children to go outside during playtimes and lunchtimes. In reception once a week we having outside learning and will take children out in the local area whatever the weather. At snack time we offer a piece of fruit and encourage children to bring a healthy lunch, the school also offers a good balanced school dinner every day. Staying safe – Each class room is set out to ensure that it is safe for the children to be in and equipment is checked regularly to ensure that it is working properly. The school doors are locked during lesson time and are on a timer to be unlocked at the beginning and end of the day and at break times. These doors can be over ridden in emergencies. The main door is locked and you will need to ring the
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