Level 3 Child Care Ct230 4.3

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CT230 4.3 Explain how play and activities are used to support the development of speech, language and communication. Children learn well by being in an environment where there is regular communication and interaction with adults and other children. Through regular interaction with adults and other children particularly for activities that children are interested in or find enjoyable, give children an excellent platform to support the development of their speech, language and communication skills. When children are having fun or wish to convey their views, opinions or wishes, they are compelled to try and communicate this to you. This is why play and activities are excellent tools for supporting the development of speech and language. Nursery rhymes, songs and musical instruments, music classes : This activity can help children listen, take turns and by joining in communicate, and practice speech as they repeat words, rhymes and sounds to the beat of a melody. Puppets and cuddly toys: By using puppets and toys to communicate with each other and directly to children, you can encourage them to participate and vocalise their opinions and answers to basic fun questions and dilemmas. Gym baby’s : This will help the baby physically develop as well as how to communicate in what they are doing. Communicating with babies from birth is very important , from birth if you have the pram facing the parent this is proven to be a great way to communicate with the baby right from the word go, this will then help the baby with their communication skills. Books: Reading to children in an animated style, stories or adventures or simple fun dilemmas for children which use high frequency or repetitive words can be a fun way of engaging children into imaginative play and reinforce words into their memory. Some books are interactive with playful sound and short melody,
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