How Social Media Made Us Narcissists Analysis

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Miller 1 Debby Miller Professor Davis English 101 29 June 2014 Home Schooling Children In Kimberly Walker's Article, entitled, “How Social Media Made Us Narcissists, “she claims the social media has pushed us all into steamy love affairs with ourselves. It's evidenced by the myriad profile shots that feature us in every possible scenario from exercising to pretend- ing to be sleep. Most people believed that the social media is a good way to stay in contact with people. Most people use it for this purpose. She also states that social media encourages bullies to say things that they wouldn't normally say. The author uses strong evidence to support that social media is out of control. This is evident when she states, “Well umpm,…show more content…
Home schooling children on the internet isn't a good idea because Miller 2 they miss out on school activities, have poor communication with other kids, and lack peer contact. Firstly, school activities for children are very important. When children are home schooled on the internet they don't get to do school activities with other children. They spend the majority of their time at home. Doing activities with other children is a part of growing up. Children who don't do activities tend to eat a lot of food. They begin to gain a lot of weight; this will always lead to obesity. Children need to release all of their energy somehow. Doing school activities will help them to balance out their day. They need to have some kind of daily routine to follow. Also, children need to do brain activities with other kids. These kinds of activities are a great way to get kids interesting in learning. School activities should be a part of every kid's…show more content…
When children are not around other kids they don't know how to react to them. Children need to get out and experience the presence of other children. This way they will know how to interact with them. Children who are home schooled have a hard time understanding what, who, how and when to communicate. They do well communicating with their parents because they are home all day with them. However, when it comes to other children they freeze up. Socializing with other children is important also. If they don't know how to communicate, they will have a hard time socializing with other children. They need to learn how to communicate with children their own ages. Most children don't understand how they feel, and how to state their feelings to deliver their communication. It's very important for them to learn how to communicate effectively around other children. Miller 3 Thirdly, all children need peer contact. Peer relationships provide children opportunities to learn about themselves. They develop new social skills from peer contact. They need to build relationships with other children. Peer relationships play a vital role in

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