Philosophy of Play Essay

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My Philosophy of ECE is bases on three main factors. It is based on what are children, How do children learn, and What my role as a teacher in their learning process consists of. First of all I think children are a bundle of joy that are striving to learn the rules of life for survival. I also think that children are the future and they need to learn as much as they can. Children learn mainly through play. That’s why in my classroom I use centers such as art, dramatic play, and blocks. Through these centers children can learn and be as creative as they want to be. For example in the block are children in my classroom not only play in the block area but they learn social skills, math skills, and also language skills. When I introduce the block area to the children I show them the shapes of the blocks and tell them the names of the blocks as well. By doing this the children’s language is enhanced, mathematical skills, and also their social skills are enhanced. I ask the children to count how many blocks they think they will need to use to construct and I also ask them open-ended questions to keep language skills developing and their imagination going. Interacting with peers in the block area is also developing because a lot of time I notice the children working together to construct things. In dramatic play I give children a opportunity to relate to real life experiences. Such as taking orders like McDonalds, Combing a doll’s hair, or talking on the telephone. This also helps to enhance social, emotional, language, math, and science skills. As a teacher my role is to provide the time, space, and materials for the children to be creative. I think it is important to listen to the children’s ideas, so my schedule is always flexible. I think my skills as a teacher are improving daily but I like to learn as much as I can from the children I

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