Why Is It Important To Work In A Home Environment

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E1: The statuary sectors are services that have to be available by law through legislation which requires either the government or local authorities to provide them. School exist because there is a law that states that children should be educated from 5-16 years and it should be free and provided by the government. An example of this is in Portsmouth called ‘Meon Infant School’ down Shelford road. This school believe” it is important for the whole school community, children, staff, parents and governors to work together to provide the best possible education for your children”. E2 Education is free so parents don’t have to worry about paying for their children to have an education which gives them more money to spend on family life like their…show more content…
Childminding is caring and watching children usually from 0-8 years of age. Childminders can be hired on part -time or full-time basics. Childminders are trained, insured and qualified in first aid. E2 Using childminding in a home environment can be more flexible than other forms of childcare which is a benefit for parents who have to work out of school hours and need someone to look after their child after or before school. Also for parents who have young children and cannot yet get them into a school or nursery due to their age, so need someone to care for their child while at work. It also gives the children a benefit as children can enjoy real-life experiences like cooking, shopping, gardening, mealtimes and outings to the park and library. They will look after your child in a home environment which is helpful if you want them to stay at home or if they are ill or if you want them to care for them at their own home. They provide care as well as opportunities for the one- to-one time which helps benefit the child as they are not missing out on any learning which is so important for children
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