Bored Teens More Likely To Drink, Take Drugs

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Bored Teens More Likely to Drink, Take Drugs Boredom can be a dangerous thing, particularly for impressionable teenagers who are full of energy and looking for things to keep them occupied nearly every waking hour of each day. It should not be very surprising, then, to discover that boredom is a risk factor for alcohol and drug use among teens and young adults. But teens are the only ones for whom boredom can cause problems. Being bored is also a contributing factor to excessive drug and alcohol use among adults, and it is a leading cause of relapse among adults who are recovering addicts. For the most part, though, boredom is a more serious issue for teenagers because they are more likely to find themselves with larger chunks of time in which they have absolutely nothing to do. With adulthood come greater…show more content…
Even if you think that you are the last person your kids are going to look to for advice regarding how they should conduct themselves, the reality is that your children are likely to emulate the behaviors that they see you and your spouse actively engaging in. A Cure for Teen Boredom? To help your teenagers stay occupied when they are not in school, encourage their participation in projects that will keep them busy and out of trouble. Try to get your kids interested in after school activities that are supervised by adults. This is particularly important for kids who are home alone for a few hours every day after school, as school sponsored activities will help children to stay occupied and will keep their minds actively engaged. If your kids are old enough to work for a few hours after school each day, encourage them to get a job. This will not only keep them busy and prevent them from feeling bored, it will also take up a pretty healthy amount of time which they might otherwise spend mindlessly hanging out with their friends or getting involved in something that you would prefer they

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