Children Pastime Today And The 70's Essay

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CHILDREN’S PASTIME 2011 AND 1975 Kathleen Beaty Children pastime has a lot more electric gadgets then children of the past. Children’s pastime from the seventies had more children doing outdoor activities as children today are more inside playing on their electric gadgets. Children spend more time indoors then they did in the past. Parents today allow children to spend many hours playing on computers, playing wii, play station, or watching cable television or watching movies. Even playing on mp3’s, cell phones which they either text friends or listen to music. Not many children today get outside and get exercise. Children today are better known as the lazy generation. Because they don’t get the daily needed exercise their bodies need to stay healthy. In the 70’s more children were found playing outside playing football, basketball, baseball in the winter months making forts or sliding down hills, skiing They spent more time outside then inside. One reason is they didn’t have all the gadgets the children today have. Children found more things that kept them busy without even known or thinking that they were also getting there daily exercise. Your lucky if you can get a child to walk to the car. Children today don’t get enough exercise. Pastime used to include many different ways a child got their daily exercise. Today’s children exercise is their fingers typing on a computer or cell phone or using a game control or television remote. Other than that if they didn’t have to walk around their school, they would be lucky to get ½ hour of exercise. Having all these electronic gadgets are fine but we need to as parents, get our children back outside getting exercise like children in the past used too. Cause we as parents are turning our own children into lazy kids. If children continue to be lazy now, just think how they well be in their adult lifes they

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