Politics in Our Everyday Lives

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Politics is our never ending search for a solution towards our daily problems. Politics, in every social order, concerns the daily life of every individual, directly or indirectly. It shapes and structures society and determines its stability. The conditions of a society, whether political or economical, are reflected on the actions, behaviour and mentality of its people. It is not only about the government and politicians, but also it involves even the simplest things that we do every single day. Throughout my life, I never imagined how politics ruled in most of our everyday activities. It never occurred to me that our life is full of politics, until I analyzed thoroughly the events in my everyday life. First, working within the walls of your parent’s office, is kind of intriguing for a student. But since we are no longer considered as irresponsible children, it is just normal to see a teenager working because we are now responsible adults. Just like a student who works for scholarship, I am also a student working, not for scholarship, but for a greater cause, for my parent’s sake. My mom asked me I could help her out during the weekends. And because she has power over me, I have been influence to work and to assist her. At first, it was hard for me to work because for me, Saturday should be my rest day, but I still needed to wake up early and do the things that my mom asked me to do. She taught me how to do the stuffs that she usually does so that I could do it as smoothly as possible. Since, it was my first time to experience working at a young age, I had a hard time calculating and arranging the paper works my mom had me to do. Every time I think about the things she is letting me do is hard, it goes back to me and I remember the things she did for me. So another thing I can relate to politics in this example is the proper etiquette a person should have. In

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