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Unit 302 Engage in personal development in health,social care or children’s and young people’s settings 1.1 The foster carers own work role duties and responsibilities are outlined by the government as follows; 1. To Provide Care for a Foster Child 
This means the day to day caring - providing love, comfort, listening, patience, food, clothing and warmth. It means encouraging interests and hobbies. Foster carers should remember that children placed with them come from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. It is important that any child placed has a positive image of himself and anything you can do to promote this will be helpful. 2. To Promote Positive Health Care 
This involves consulting the doctor, the hospital as necessary and the dentist and optician regularly, as you would with your own child. Also, there are the wider issues associated with health such as promoting exercise, ensuring children have a balanced diet and are educated about the negative effects of smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs etc. A statutory medical assessment is arranged shortly before or after placement and usually the foster carer accompanies the child to this. 3. To Promote a Positive View of the Child’s Family and Background 
You may feel very angry with the child’s parents but it is still important to acknowledge the feelings that a child will have for their parents. This means respecting the things that are brought from home. Allowing a child to have contact with their parents, without making the child feel that they must choose between them and you and trying to understand the feelings of parents seeing you doing a better job of bringing up their children. Some parents will need as much parenting as their children and you can play an invaluable role by working with them. 4. To Promote a Foster Child’s own Race, Culture and Religion 
The Local

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