Understanding Employment Resposibilities

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Unit 054 Principles for Implementing Duty of Care in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Setting Outcome 1 Understand how Duty of Care contributes to Safe Practice 1) To me Duty of Care means to offer a caring environment at all times to any young person in my care at any time. It is my responsibility to ensure that any young person in my care has a safe environment, a healthy diet, clean clothes, a clean living environment and ensure their personal hygiene is maintained. I would need to build a relationship with the young person to help keep them safe and follow all the above avenues. This will also enable me to provide opportunities of encouragement and support for them to reach their full potential. To offer and also guide them through emotional periods of their life. Ultimately whilst doing the above Duty of Care my main aim is to prepare the young person to move on to independence or fostering etc safely, securely and happily. 2) Duty of Care safeguards young people by each young person having boundaries and guidelines to which we follow along with their own risk assessments catered especially for them, these have been put in place because of historical movements of the young person. This safeguards both the young person, care giver and colleagues and young person’s family and the general public as these young people are taught and learnt to live in a safe and caring environment and sometimes to learn to change their behaviour habits to show respect for all concerned. E.g. If the young person has a history of fighting it is my Duty of Care to ensure that all activities are risk assessed and I do not knowing put this young person into a situation where a fight could occur. I.e. Meeting with old friends where there is known periods of hostility. This is also Duty of Care to the general public for myself (care giver) and work
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