Persuasive Essay About Child Development Classes

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Franklin Roosevelt once said, “We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.” Adult guidance is the most important factor a child needs during his/her growth. Normally, parents take on the responsibility of nurturing their children and shaping their paths. However, some schools find it necessary to include Child Development classes in their curriculum in order to insure that their students can fall into the right places later in life. Those classes take on many significant subjects such as health, religion, interactions with other, growth, and life-affecting choices. There has been an on-going debate whether or not to include such classes during school hours, yet it is clearly evident that Child Development hours are a necessity. One of the major roles of Child Development programs is that they provide learners with general knowledge and let them become open to their society and surrounding. To begin with, lectures about social interactions are given to students by experts and teachers of high level of understanding. To point out, those teachers talk about the importance of friendship and stress on the real meaning of “true friends” in addition to romantic relationships with members of the opposite sex. Moreover, one’s health and how to take care of one’s body is discussed during a series of orations. Students will come across many general information about how to take care of themselves by learning about correct nutrition, importance of exercise, sickness , and a number of broad variety of subjects. A research by Dr. Shandra Sulivan done in the recent years proves that people taught about their bodies and health tend to stay in better condition and thus have a larger life span. Child Developments teaches children how to preserve their pure souls and protect themselves from the
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