Is 16 Too Young to Drive?

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Is 16 young to drive? 16 year olds everywhere are soon going to be able to drive but according to Today news 16 year olds get into more accidents than anyone else in the U.S. I believe that the driving age should be raised to 18 for the safety of everyone. 16 year olds can be reckless and cause crashes. 16 year olds are also proven to get into numerous accidents and they can get distracted at the wheel. 16 year olds get into the most car collisions; they even at times cause deaths. Usually their own life tragically and sometimes their friends or a complete stranger sometimes. These kids are too young they are a bit naive. If a friend asked them to race there is a 50/50 chance that they would say yes and that is extremely dangerous. For one they could crash or hit someone and that is terrifying that one choice can influence so much they could go to jail for public endangerment of even get charged with manslaughter. Studies prove that statistically 16-17 year olds are twice as likely to get in to car crashes verses 18-19 year olds. 16 year old drivers are simply too young to be allowed to drive, 18 is the legal age for almost everything else. The driving age should be raised. 16 year olds lose control of their vehicle because they are beginners. They shout require at least 2 years of training because automobile accidents are dangerous and there could be a lot more if we don’t enforce this. No parent will ever admit that their child is irresponsible. No parent wants to imagine their kid getting into a car crash or hitting a pedestrian, but this is reality where 16 year olds swear they can answer this text they will only look down for a second but then they think it is okay to do that and then they may eventually start taking pictures on their self at the wheel that’s terrifying what if they crash? They could die. In conclusion the driving age should be
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